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you will find here some of the deliverables of the REDIAFOR project

Talking with youth to anticipate forest conflicts

 Identification and characterization of conflicting interests

REDIAFOR partners conducted a large survey in all EUSALP regions to analyze the development of policies relevant to mountain forestry​

Development of Alpine forest policies: Results from an EUSALP-wide survey

Download soon the publication :

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REDIAFOR partners, as well as members of the task force on multifunctional forestry and sustainable use of wood, have contributed to formulate policy recommendations for future European policies.

EUSALP meets Forestry

Initiating dialogue & conflict management training

REDIAFOR partners gathered forest experts at regional and transnational scales. Together they have shared cross-sectoral forest issues leading to possible conflicts, trying to better anticipate them.


Leading to their ability to manage such situation, REDIAFOR initiate training session (fr) provided by the "Institut des Strategies Emergentes"


Download :

1) introduction to the training session* (the initial frame of this training session, learn more about strategic facilitation, look at bavarian and Auvergne-rhone-alpes forest issues and conflicts)

2) Outputs of the training sessions* (program, methodological framework,  synthesis report, summary of the active meeting seminar validated by the participants)

*only in french

Discover the training participants testimony

Youth hopes and fears

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